Noir City 2023 Gallery of Posters and Trailers Part 2: R-V

(January 20, 2023)

We had too much for one gallery so here are more rare trailers, posters, two radio plays, a selection of Eddie Muller’s introductions and after comments from TCM’s Noir Alley  plus a few other goodies.



AKA “For Her to See’ by Margaret Bowen, one of two pseudonyms, along with Joseph Shearing, used by Margaret Gabrielle Vere Long (née Campbell).


The film is based on an original radio play. Turn out the lights and experience true “Suspense.”


Often the name of a film changes in different countries as you have seen.

No trailer or clips could be found but this original radio version is great fun. Turn out the lights and imagine the show in your head.

Thanks all folks. We hope you enjoyed it.

If you don’t live in the San Francisco area check to see if Eddie will bringing Noir City to your city. Watch him of TCM hosting Noir Alley. You can find many of these films streaming or from DVD/BluRay dealers-some from Criterion Collection, Flicker Alley , Fox Film Noir, and many others have highly regarded commentaries by Muller; Check your local library for DVDs or online via Kanopy. And many are streaming for free because they are in the public domain. Do an Internet search of easier is to look for titles using Just Watch. You can create your own Festival.

The new issue of Noir City Magazine features Veronica Lake on the cover and is packed with great reading. It and past issues are available via digital or hard copy.

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