By Gary Meyer

A dangerous rogue arrives in a village dominated by two warring criminal families and he quietly works for both.

Another more dashing rogue tries to protect a princess whose kingdom has been destroyed with the help of a pair squabbling sidekicks, one tall and one short.

Seven desperate renegades come to the defense of an equally desperate farming village to fight off a group of ruthless bandits.

We are not talking about movies starring Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Steve McQueen, Yul Brynner, Charles Bronson and Eli Wallach.

YOJIMBO mifune & kurosawa.jpg

Toshiro Mifune and Akira Kurosawa on the set of Yojimbo

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By Gary Meyer

Image result for Chaplin at essanayWe presented your picture entitled The Rink, featuring Charles Chaplin last night. Persistent laughter and shouting on the part of the audience brought down most of the house… We have been showing pictures many years without loss of life or damage to property. The Rink has proved a menace to real estate improvement, and the result of one day’s run has cost us considerable outlay in repairs. We enclose plasterer’s and carpenter’s bills. We would appreciate a check by return.'” Letter from the manager of the Princess Theatre in Ohio


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New poster design by Ping Zhu, 2016

JUZO ITAMI’S RAPTUROUS “RAMEN WESTERN” returns to U.S. screens for the first time in decades, in a new 4K restoration. The tale of an enigmatic band of ramen ronin who guide the widow of a noodle shop owner on her quest for the perfect recipe, Tampopo serves up a savory broth of culinary adventure seasoned with off beat comedy sketches and the erotic exploits of a gastronome gangster. Sweet, sexy, surreal, and mouthwatering, Tampopo remains one of the most delectable examples of food on film.
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