“The New Mediterranean Jewish Table”

Recipes by Joyce Goldstein

Joyce at stove.jpg

For thousands of years, the people of the Jewish Diaspora have carried their culinary traditions and kosher laws throughout the world. In the United States, this has resulted primarily in an Ashkenazi table of matzo ball soup and knishes, brisket and gefilte fish. But Joyce Goldstein is now expanding that menu with this comprehensive collection of over four hundred recipes from the kitchens of three Mediterranean Jewish cultures: the Sephardic, the Maghrebi, and the Mizrahi.

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By Gaetano Kazuo Maida

(Film titles provide links to information about their screenings and buying tickets)


Roger Sherman’s film crew eating at El Babor restaurant in the Haifa area of Israel

Essess, eat!” Even the vaguest scent of homemade chicken soup or flanken or kasha or just sautéed onions brings to me echoes of the bubbes of the Bronx Jewish girls I dated as a teenager (sometimes simply because her grandmother lived with the family!). Despite the richness of the cuisines of my own family (Sicilian and Japanese), and an extended involvement with the restaurant profession, it’s yiddishkeit food that remains one of the comfort foods of my life. It doesn’t hurt that my wife is a Sabra who enjoys cooking and eating with me, and incidentally, grew up with one of her own bubbes at home….

So it’s a delight to report that the upcoming 36th edition of the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival is offering a few choice cinematic tastes of food traditions from the Middle East and Mitteleuropa that we’ve come to embrace as American (or will soon!). Be forewarned if you go: you will emerge hungry, so plan accordingly!

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More independent and international movies to see.

By Gary Meyer

Song of lahore.jpg

Nine more terrific art house films that I like and urge you to see. Some may have come and gone or are either available on-demand or will be shortly. Others are still playing in local cinemas but you might have to seek them out. The film titles are links to websites that usually list screenings.

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The Movies of Summer 2016 That Get Away

By Gary Meyer


Rediscovered Japanese erotic animation, Jane Austen, a comedy adventure in the outback, competing Indian Olympic wrestlers falling in love, people reborn as animals, pregnant nuns, Frank Zappa, competitive tickling, Norman Lear, and a Pakistani “Buena Vista Social Club” are some of the subjects you might be missing at the movies this summer.

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