EAT MY SHORTS- Ramen Revolution

Cooking and Eating Ramen with Tampopo and Ivan Orkin

We have collected several great scenes from the movie Tampopo reviewed in EatDrinkFilms and short documentaries about Ramen,  often featuring Ivan Orkin, author of the book Ivan Ramen. Check out a few recipes here.

Ken Wantanabe learns how to Eat Ramen from a Ramen Master in Tampopo



David Chang of Lucky Peach interviews Ivan Orkin in his kitchen


Learning How to Slurp at Ivan Ramen


The Joy of Slurping Spaghetti from Tampopo


Reinterpreting Diner-Style Japanese Food

Ramen Lessons from Tampopo


 9 Instant Ramen Hacks from Ivan Orkin

 Mind of a Chef- Taste Memories with Ivan Orkin.

 How To Make Miso Ramen

 How To Make Shio Ramen

 How To Make Raw Egg Over Rice


The Crazy Old Lady in a Grocery Store from Tampopo

Lucky Peach editors go inside the Tokyo Ramen Street’s Rokurinsha


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