Game of Scones recipes, Two Views of Hateful 8, Long Island Iced Tea & Mamma Mi (a), Wild Western Shorts

H8teaserDear Friends,

You are curious about Quentin Tarantino’s Hateful Eight aren’t you? Is it great or has he run out of ideas? You can expect a lot of controversy but that isn’t new with QT.  Two of our critics take sides and tell you what they think in this week’s Critics Corner.  As a bonus you will find information about Quentin’s push for 70mm showings, where you can see it that way in the full-length version, Samuel Jackson explaining how they made it, the search for 70mm projectors,  QT’s favorite Westerns and much more in Quentin Tarantino’s Wild Wild West on the Really BIG SCREEN.

And we thought it would be fun to offer you several short Westerns from the very first one made in 1903 that had audiences ducking and running for the exits to an award-winning recent work plus trailers and surprises.

Gloria Swanson suffers from The Affairs of Anatole.

Gloria Swanson suffers from The Affairs of Anatole.

You will surely be thirsty after all of that but after Michael Cecconi tells you about Long Island Iced Tea in his Shaken & Stirred column you may look elsewhere. And what he has to say about Mamma Mia – we will let you read his hilarious take on these two things he decidedly does not like.

It is a season for celebration and good times. We are not sure how seriously you will take the recipes from the new humor and cookbook Game of Scones but it sure is fun to look at. Marilyn Freund offers a Thrones fan’s review and several examples of things you really can make and eat.

To round up this issue actress, writer, fashion expert and Burlesque Queen Evie Lovell takes us back to the opulent and racy 1920s with her review of the restored and scandalous Cecil B. DeMille drama The Affairs of Anatol.


What is it about Christmas – a season that is supposed to be about Peace and Love – and the movie business? I remember the summer of 1974 when a trailer came on before the feature that was filled with two minutes of death and destruction and an all-star cast. At the end a title card came on screen:

Towering Inferno
Our Holiday Gift to You
Coming for Christmas

And every year it seems one or more violent movies, filled with revenge and ill-will to all, open in the holiday season, especially on December 25.

The trailer for The Hateful Eight ends with a title card:

Spend the Holidays With Someone You Hate

Why should this night be any different than all other nights?

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