EatDrinkFilms #98 – It’s a wrap.

Dear Friends,

There’s an art to writing well – about food, film, or anything else that sparks a person’s passion. For Jonathan Gold, it’s the cafes, restaurants and food trucks, the sights, sounds and people of Los Angeles that inspire. The only food critic to win a Pulitzer Prize, the popular writer serves as the genial focus of the aptly yclept new documentary City of Gold. Gaetano Kazuo Maida and Patricia Unterman, Bay Area writers and Renaissance sorts, offer their insights into the film and its centerpiece in Critics Corner in this week’s edition of EatDrinkFilms. Continue reading

Letter from the Editors

Dear Friends,

The New Year is here and after a week’s break we are back with a lot to enjoy.

First we have breaking news about a very special appearance just announced for the February 12-13 screenings of Vertigo with the San Francisco Symphony’s live accompaniment.

Daniel Barnes and Darcey Self-Barnes share their unique His & Hers Beer Notes about Paris of the West from the Almanac Beer Company. Continue reading

Game of Scones recipes, Two Views of Hateful 8, Long Island Iced Tea & Mamma Mi (a), Wild Western Shorts

H8teaserDear Friends,

You are curious about Quentin Tarantino’s Hateful Eight aren’t you? Is it great or has he run out of ideas? You can expect a lot of controversy but that isn’t new with QT.  Two of our critics take sides and tell you what they think in this week’s Critics Corner.  As a bonus you will find information about Quentin’s push for 70mm showings, where you can see it that way in the full-length version, Samuel Jackson explaining how they made it, the search for 70mm projectors,  QT’s favorite Westerns and much more in Quentin Tarantino’s Wild Wild West on the Really BIG SCREEN. Continue reading