The Bay Area Soda Pop Wars—and The Bigger Picture

by Eat Drink Films

Only a week into October, the American Beverage Association (aka Coke and Pepsi) had already poured $7.7 million into fighting the “soda pop tax” of Proposition E in San Francisco. They have reason to be scared—similar taxes in Mexico have markedly decreased soda consumption.


With November 4 fast approaching, and Proposition E and Berkeley’s Measure D both on the ballots, Lunch Love Community  filmmaker Helen Demechiel directed our attention to a potent short. It’s born from The Bigger Picture, a project that unites Youth Speaks and the University of California, San Francisco Center for Vulnerable Populations. In Jamie DeWolf’s Perfect Soldiers , Gabriel Cortez looks at his family history and observes, “It isn’t a coincidence that the military and beverage companies call us their target audience.”

Watch the powerful short film Powerful Soldiers here:


For more on Proposition E, Measure D, soda taxes, and the impact of sugary drinks, see “A Call to Lead” by Dr. Jeff Ritterman in this issue.

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