Dear Friends,

Welcome to a new project I have been thinking about for awhile. I tested the ideas on many people, explaining my idea of combining three things most people I know enjoy—the name reflects that passion.


This online magazine will be published weekly and curated with two or three original stories in each category, sometimes crossing the line as we have in the first issue with Meredith Brody’s wonderful article about having dinner with the directors of the new movie THE GALAPAGOS AFFAIR. They discuss the movie and the food they are enjoying.

We have exclusive excerpts from the new books “The Forest Feast” and “The $11 Billion Year,” a few recipes, a guide on how to enjoy the Cider Summit in Berkeley, and I have offered my personal picks of movies to see at the San Francisco International Film Festival.

In coming issues you can expect:

* Good writers, new and established, offering surprising stories and ideas.

* Local food and drink reviews

* A Secret Restaurant column offering tested recipes using in-season ingredients fresh from the local Farmers’ Markets.

* The Eat & Drink-Ubator taking you behind-the-scenes of new products and how they came to exist.

* Selected new movies reviewed by two different critics

* Stories about special film events and festivals

And much more.

I wanted the blessing of the makers of the EAT DRINK MAN WOMAN and James Schamus, Co-Writer and Producer of Ang Lee’s wonderful movie wrote this: “How flattering to have a film from now so long ago serve as inspiration for the name of this new venture. And thank you for removing the gender-reductive binary—EatDrinkFilms is a happily transitive and polymorphous step forward, for sure!”

This site would not be here for you to enjoy if it were not for the tireless work of Tien-Tien Jong, our Associate Editor, who built the site, proofed the writing and dealt with a myriad of challenges, always confident that she would make it a reality. Tien-Tien was the Director of the Dartmouth Film Society and coordinated the Short Film selections for the Telluride Film Festival before moving to Oakland. She is a superb writer and you will be reading her very soon on EatDrinkFilms. Thank you, Tien-Tien.

The site in a beta format. The logo will change and as soon as we master some technical issues the articles will be in appropriate columns. But we wanted to get this to you as soon as possible.

Please take a look at EatDrinkFilms and sign up to be alerted about the future issues using the “Follow” button at the bottom right corner of your screen. We will not share your info with anyone and promise not to clutter your inbox.

We hope that you have a good time and will let us know your thoughts and ideas.

Maybe you want to contribute too. Send us ideas at ideas@EatDrinkFilms.com.



Gary Meyer

P.S.  We are planning the EatDrinkFilms Festival for 2015 and you won’t want to miss that!




EatDrinkFilms.com is an online magazine celebrating the best in food, libations and cinema. The curated site will feature both established and new writers in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as nationally and internationally known talent. Our desire is to both entertain and offer some thought-provoking ideas.

There will be regular columns, reviews, humor, thought-provoking articles contests and some surprises.

EatDrinkFilms will feature two or three stories in each category every week.



The Eat section will feature a mix of surprise features such as regular appearances of “Secret Restaurant” with Peter Moore offering his recipes of dinners you can make using what is fresh in the farmers’ markets each week. “Meals with Meredith” will invite you to virtually tag along with filmmakers and others creative types as they join food and film critic Meredith Brody at local restaurants.

There will be reviews of exciting dining experiences from restaurants, cafes and diners to food trucks, bakeries, markets and special food events.

Our critics will help you get the most from your food experiences by exploring menus and offering both quality judgments and insight on the selections you are considering.

Chefs and food providers will write about their experiences and inspirations and even review the work of their peers.

Expect news of food activities, recipes, new local food products and their producers, and more useful information to sate your appetite.



Drink will cover wines, cocktails, juices, coffee and tea, unique sodas and just about any other beverage that can be consumed. There will be reviews and experiential coverage of bars and saloons, coffee shops, smoothie places, wineries, breweries, stores and much more. A special focus on locally produced drinks will be a regular feature.

Experts in the industry who make things happen will offer their insights.



There are so many wonderful movie offerings that we want to help you discover, including cinematic delights at film festivals, special series and unique events.

Rather than trying to cover every film that opens, we will select some of the most interesting new releases with reviews by two different critics, starting a conversation.

Filmmakers will provide insight into their creative process.

And we will offer some fun asides such an outrageous double features and crazy new concepts for film festivals.



While EatDrinkFilms.com will be in effect three publications in one place, do expect crossover articles. A chef or winemaker may write about a favorite movie experience or where they go after work for a fun drink. A mixologist could provide an entertaining story about what makes a terrific meal or their favorite movie about drinking. And filmmakers will offer their thoughts on a favorite food discovery.

In all three areas there will be reviews of books, magazines and websites, excerpts from new books and contests offering you a chance to be the first to see new films or attend special events.

We ask you to check out our Beta first offerings at EatDrinkFilms.com and sign up to be notified when each new issue is available. We look forward to surprising you. And we hope you will let us know what you would like to see.


Attention Writers:

We are always looking for good writers with great story ideas. Send us a note with your thoughts at ideas@EatDrinkFilms.com

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