A Baker’s Dozen: A Rich Mexican Food Heritage

by Dianne Boate

There was a terrible sound from the kitchen, an ominous chorus.  I took another sip of champagne, closed my eyes, and waited for the four folks in the kitchen to report their mischief. These well-meaning individuals had decided to cook up a spaghetti / meat sauce dinner-–(“You won’t have to do a thing, Dianne.”) Dianne wasn’t about to do anything, having cooked and baked her heart out for 12 people at a Stern Grove Concert Consular Corps Table picnic that day.

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Tequila COV

Tequila: Myth, Magic & Spirited Recipes

More than just the shot of choice and the foundation for margaritas, tequila is a liquor rich in history and lore. Created from the distilled juice of the agave plant, tequila enjoys widespread fame as a prized position in Mesoamerican society. Understanding the creation and development of tequila adds depth to its enjoyment and appreciation; Karl Petzke’s Tequila: Myth, Magic & Spirited Recipes  offers the perfect key to unlock the complex world of this storied beverage, with information about the history, making, and tasting of tequila.

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ripstein, arturo_bw01_juan pablo zamora_cuartoscuro

EL LUGAR SIN LÍMITES: Ripstein in Review

by Sergio de la Mora

Arturo Ripstein Rosen (born Mexico City, December 13, 1943) has one of the most interesting bodies of work. A third-generation Mexican Jew, he is the son of the late producer Alfredo Ripstein Jr. who began producing films in the 1940s until roughly his death in 2007, including El crimen del padre Amaro  (The Crime of Father Amaro , 2002), El callejón de los milagros  (Midaq Alley , 1995) as well as Principio y fin  (The Beginning and the End , 1993) directed by his son Arturo.  His mother Frieda Rosen was from El Paso, Texas.

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The Room poster

A Room of One’s Own

The mythic cult film whose popularity is growing, The Room , will be presented with two special shows at the Piedmont Theatre in Oakland, with in-person appearances by its cult star and filmmaker Tommy Wiseau, on Friday, August 29 and Saturday, August 30, at midnight each night.  We celebrate this special occasion with two appreciations of  The Room  by Dennis Harvey and Tien-Tien L. Jong.

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