Sugar Snap Pea and Radish Salad, and Tomato Watermelon Gazpacho, From HOMEGROWN by Heather Hardison

Whether your idea of gardening is a tomato plant on your fire escape or a pumpkin patch in the yard, Homegrown: Illustrated Bites From Your Garden to Your Table   is the ultimate guide to growing your own food and eating it, too! Continue reading


SFIFF 58: From A to Z and Back Again—One Cinemagoer’s Top 10

by Pam Grady

Guillermo del Toro or Guy Maddin? That’s one of the tough questions facing moviegoers at the 58th San Francisco International Film Festival. Continue reading


Eat, Drink, Watch: Food Films at the 58th San Francisco International Film Festival

by Gary Meyer

The number of food films being made should not come as a surprise. PBS started the trend of cooking shows long ago and is still a leader in them, but now we have the Food Network, Cooking Channel, Food Matters TV and more offering 24 hours a day of programing about things to eat. Movies with food themes have spanned the history of cinema, but it wasn’t until Babette’s Feast , Like Water For Chocolate , Tampopo , Big Night  and others became box office successes that we started to see a genre develop. And the number of documentaries about food has exploded.  Continue reading


On the Edge of Risk: The Take-Away From DIOR AND I

by Cari Borja

My obsession has been—and is still—the feeling of being there. Not of finding out this and analyzing this or performing some virtuous social act or something. Just what’s it like to be there.” —Richard Leacock  Continue reading


Brando in the Making: An Excerpt From WHY ACTING MATTERS by David Thomson

One of the 58th San Francisco International Film Festival‘s Marquee Presentations is Steven Riley’s documentary  Listen to Me Marlon, in which a treasure trove of audio tapes—augmented by home movies, film clips and other archival materials—yields a unique autobiographical portrait of one of cinema’s greatest actors, Marlon Brando.
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The Secret Restaurant: Stuffed Mushrooms

by Peter Moore

Our friend Max is allergic to wheat. He is gluten-free, but not in the sense of the estimated 30% of Americans who are shunning wheat due to currently trendy pseudo-science; rather, Max is gluten-free in the sense that, if he has anything with wheat, there will be an epi-pen and ER visit involved. Continue reading


STATES OF GRACE: Why I Waited to Watch the New Documentary About My Family

by Sabrina Schroeder-Dammann

Sabrina Schroeder-Dammann is featured in the new documentary  States of Grace, which takes an intimate look at her family in the wake of a life-changing accident.
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Letter from the Publisher

Dear Friends,

Exactly one year ago I decided to launch EatDrinkFilms. After thinking about it, getting opinions from those I respect and finding writers eager to be a part of the venture, it seemed that having the first issue toast the San Francisco International Film Festival was appropriate. And now we celebrate our first anniversary with a salute to the 58th edition of the oldest film festival in The Americas. And it is a stellar year for them, as you will see. Continue reading