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Down the Hatch: A Trio of Champagne Cocktails for the Holidays

by Vince Keenan

Of all the first world problems, a glut of champagne may be the First-Worldiest. But there’s no denying the stuff flows like a river come the holidays. A few classic drinks make excellent use of that surplus bubbly.

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A Baker’s Dozen: A Cookie Tradition Has to Start Somewhere

by Dianne Boate

Two little plastic boxes containing leaf-shaped copper cookie cutters were a gift from years ago that sat unopened on a shelf in the kitchen for a long time. Happy was the day I finally opened the packages, and found on the back of the box my new all-time favorite recipe for Rolled Sugar Cookies. Continue reading

Ousmane Sembène on the set of Moolade , 2004.

One Story is Many: SEMBÈNE! Shines a Light on the Visionary Filmmaker

by Cari Borja

“At the moment the eyes of the body closed, the eyes of the mind were opened.”

—Ousmane Sembène, God’s Bit of Wood Continue reading


Going Deep Into Immersive Cinema

By Gary Meyer

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Nine Years and Two New Body Parts: Found Footage Festival Returns Triumphantly to the Roxie

by Dennis Harvey

This week sees the Bay Area return of the Found Footage Festival, with the San Francisco incarnation taking place Thursday and Friday evening at San Francisco’s Roxie Cinema. Continue reading

(Photo by Jennifer Mericle.)

Greek Inspiration: Democracy and Deliciousness in Action at Souvla

by Julie Lindow

Souvla has been open for less than a year and yet it already plays a role in the culture of San Francisco that is far beyond a place for a quick bite. Continue reading