Sausage Making COV

Maple Bacon Breakfast Sausage From SAUSAGE MAKING by Ryan Farr with Jessica Battilana

With the rise of the handcrafted food movement, food lovers are going crazy for the all-natural, uniquely flavored, handmade sausages they’re finding in butcher cases everywhere.  At San Francisco’s 4505 Meats, butcher Ryan Farr takes the craft of sausage making to a whole new level with his fiery chorizo, maple-bacon breakfast links, smoky bratwurst, creamy boudin blanc, and best-ever all-natural hot dogs. Continue reading


Creation of a Character: Two Excerpts From Shawn Levy’s DE NIRO: A LIFE

Last week in EatDrinkFilms, Roger Leatherwood reviewed Shawn Levy’s new biography De Niro: A Life. This we week we present a pair of excerpts from the book, focusing on De Niro’s intensive character preparation and obsessive working methods for The Godfather: Part II and The Untouchables. Continue reading


The Making of IDA, Part One

by Pawel Pawlikowski

The other day someone from the Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Academy in LA asked my producer Ewa to send them the script of our film Ida so they could deposit it in their Core Library collection. Ewa rang me up worried: what exactly should she send them? She had 23 permutations of the script on her files. Surely she couldn’t send them the official script we raised the money on. It was nothing like the film that ended up on the screen. Maybe we could simply send a transcript of the finished film? But that would amount to no more than 30 pages—probably not much use to the Academy, either. Continue reading


Winter Fancy Food Show 2015: Through the Looking Glass into Candyland, Part 1

by Risa Nye

Entering the world of the Specialty Food Association’s Fancy Food Show, held at San Francisco’s Moscone Center, felt like stepping through Alice’s looking glass into a land where snacks and chocolate are coins of the realm. Continue reading