Chopstick Cinema: Exploring Asian Food and Film

by Celeste Heiter

Explore the Far East from the comfort of home through the cuisines of ten Asian countries paired with movies by some of Asia’s most visionary filmmakers. With Asian food and film blogger Celeste Heiter as your guide, and Chopstick Cinema (via Amazon or Indiebound) as your culinary and cinematic passport, Continue reading

Shaken & Stirred: A Drink With David Cronenberg in the Lion’s Den

Director David Cronenberg and actor Peter Weller pose with a mugwump. Naked Lunch, 1991 – CREDIT: Photographer Atilla Dory© Recorded Picture Company (Productions) Limited and Naked Lunch Productions Limited, 1991

Director David Cronenberg and actor Peter Weller pose with a mugwump. Naked Lunch, 1991

by Michael Cecconi

How many drops make an ocean?

How many pixels until the picture becomes clear?

How many licks to the middle of a Tootsie Roll Pop? Continue reading


Critics Corner: CREED

Oakland’s Ryan Coogler established himself with his first feature, Fruitvale Station. He had several other projects already in the works including a script for his own take on Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky — many years later.  Continue reading


Unlocking THE FORBIDDEN ROOM: A Q&A with Guy Maddin and Evan Johnson

by Pam Grady

Guy Maddin’s first feature in four years is a fever dream, an evocation of lost films, populated by doomed seamen, wandering woodsmen, endangered damsels, a sentient volcano, a mustache with memories, and so much more, layer upon layer of two-strip Technicolor surreality. Continue reading

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The Long-Lost Houdini Movie Escapes Extinction

by Teller

[Until recently only a five minute clip from Harry Houdini’s feature film The Grim Game was known to exist. Rick Schmidlin will introduce his stunning restoration of the complete film with the premiere of a new musical score by Donald Sosin at the San Francisco Silent Film Festival’s “Day of Silents” on Saturday, December 5 at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco. For tickets and the day’s schedule go here.] Continue reading



by Dianne Boate

Six years ago, I watched apprehensively as eleven people took forks in hand to try their first bite of my new Pecan Pie.  Then, silence. Not one word. Color was coming and going on my face as they sat silently, chewing. My brain was bursting with all the arguments against making pie in the first place, and wishing fervently I could disappear on the spot. Continue reading

Chopstick Cinema Recipes, Creed Cred, Teller on Houdini, Lion’s Den Cocktail

Dear Friends,

We hope that you had your fill of whatever makes Thanksgiving taste good for you. Continue reading

Eat My Shorts – HOUDINI

Houdini Nothiing Continue reading