Winter Fancy Food Show, Part Two: The People Behind the Products

by Risa Nye

One of the best parts of going to the Winter Fancy Food Show, produced by the Specialty Food Association: having conversations with people who abandoned first careers and day jobs (or hope to soon) to realize the dream of creating a product—and hearing what it feels like to see that product displayed in stores, or on TV, or called out as a favorite by a well-known person whose name starts with an O. Continue reading


Guten Tag! Eclecticism Rules the Screen at Berlin and Beyond

by Richard von Busack

Among the myriad film fests in the Bay Area, Berlin and Beyond is one of the most eclectic and daring—its criteria is nothing less than films made in a language spoken by 100 million people. Continue reading

Delicious Vintage Cocktails Named in Honor of Movie Stars

by Meredith Brody

I adore the now-not-so-recent revival in exquisite cocktails.  My heart leaps when I pick up an exciting cocktail menu, often divided into two lists: classic cocktails, and innovative ones created by the resident mixologist.  I’m especially heartened by the use of fresh fruit and vegetables, whether juiced or muddled, and fragrant herbs and spices.

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 12.30.04 AM

Continue reading


Three Sweet Recipes From the Winter Fancy Food Show

“There was more than a bit of a Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory vibe,” Risa Nye wrote in her first piece about the Winter Fancy Food Show for EatDrinkFilms, noting the “brightly-hued candy” and desserts that dominated the displays. Continue reading

MC Sarajevo

One Plus One Equals Three: Affinities

by Mark Cousins

In January, EatDrinkFilms has been sharing some highlights from our past year with newer readers. This week brings an early piece by filmmaker Mark Cousins, whose latest feature 6 Desires: DH Lawrence and Sardinia just screened at the Sundance Film Festival.  Continue reading


Arugula Pizza, Arugula Salad, and Tea Custard with Poached Fruit From BITTER by Jennifer McLagan

The champion of uncelebrated foods including fat, offal, and bones, Jennifer McLagan turns her attention to a fascinating, under-appreciated, and trending topic: bitterness. Continue reading