Docs Rock Noise Pop: A Look at the Fest’s Film Lineup—From Screaming Females to Talking Heads

by Pam Grady

San Francisco’s Noise Pop and Baltimore’s Maryland Deathfest have this in common: They both bring music fans together in celebration. Continue reading


Saul Bass B-Rolls: Anatomy of an Archive

by Roger Leatherwood

A large, lavishly illustrated book on Saul Bass, the famous Hollywood designer with numerous famous posters, logos and commercials to his credit, was published late last year, the 492-page Saul Bass: Anatomy of Film Design by Jan-Christopher Horak. Horak is the head of the UCLA Film and Television Archive and spent decades researching Bass and his influences and design aesthetic, mostly through thousands of remnants in various archives and private collections.

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TMZ.com graphic for 50 Shades of Grey.

50 Shades of Grey: Sex’s Nestlé Alpine White—Well Past the Expectoration Date

by Mike Stabile

At the risk of spoiling something already well past the expectoration date, there’s a moment in 50 Shades of Grey in which weepy floral dress Anastasia Steele confronts her buttoned-up loverboss Christian Grey over his “sadist” tendencies. Continue reading

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 5.54.12 PM

More Than Fifty Shades

50 SHADES OF GREY is perfect for parody and we have selected a few that tickled us more than ostrich feathers. But be warned—the music may drive you crazy.  We suggest you watch only a few at a time. Continue reading


Couscous Salad, Forbidden Rice with Grilled Brussels Sprouts, and Salade des Cousinades From SALADE: RECIPES FROM THE MARKET TABLE by Pascale Beale

Pascale Beale’s newest book: 216 pages filled with new recipes of delicious salads fresh from the market table, all beautifully photographed. Continue reading