FRENCH NOIR GALLERY of Trailers and Posters

FRENCH NOIR GALLERY of Trailers and Posters

We have searched the Internet for evocative posters and images plus trailers and film excerpts to give you a sense of the treats in store for you at “The French Had A Name For It ‘21”

All of the movies will be in French with English subtitles. Some of the trailers do not have subtitles but the visuals tell the stories.

And it is interesting to compare the kinds of campaigns that are created in different countries. 

Read Pam Grady’s article about the festival and films.

The complete schedule and more information can be found at the Official Website.

Falling Point


Blonde in a White Car 


Death of a Killer



Listen to the music.




The Lovers of Midnight



In the Name of the Law



Sleeping Car Murders 

Trap for Cinderella

Opening Credits




The Silence of the Sea


The Secret Killer



Deadlier Than The Male


Journey Without Hope


Coming December 1, 2021:

The Wicked Go To Hell

Leave it to the Americans to sell it to audiences.


Paris Pick-Up

Shooting of the film “Le monte charge” by Marcel Bluwal- Watch here 

Read Curator Don Malcolm’s “The Big Sigh: Exploring the Lost Continent of Classic French Film Noir 1932-1966” in Bright Lights Film Journal.

Tribute to Robert Hossein for the “The French Had A Name 3 (2016)


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