EAT MY SHORTS: Behind the Scenes with Jiří Trnka

In connection with the current tour of THE PUPPET MASTER film series and Carlos Valladares’ article about Jiří Trnka we present short films about the stop motion animator.

A 1967 Czech TV short about Trnka

Trnka in production 1957-1963

Short documentary about Trnka’s technique for This Little World exhibit at the Louvre in Paris, 1959.

Want to see more examples of Stop Motion animation? Here is a sample from a variety of contemporary filmmakers.

For more stop motion masters seek works by Lotte Reiniger Ray Harryhausen, Willis H. O’Brien, Charles Bowers, George Pal, Henry Selick, Phil Tippett, Suzie Templeton, Peter Lord, Jan Švankmajer, Will Vinton, Ladislas Starevich, Travis Knight, Art Clokey, Aardman Animations (Peter Lord, Nick Park, David Sproxton), Kihachirō Kawamoto, PES, the Quay Brothers, Adam Elliot, David W. Allen, Co Hoderman, Laika Studios, Jim Danforth, Kirsten Lepore, Bob Gardiner and Lou Bunin. And the teams assembled by Wes Anderson for THE FANTASTIC MR. FOX and ISLE OF DOGS.  Samples of all their work can be found on the Internet.

A good overview and history on Wikipedia.

A simple (2:28 min) Mashable introduction to how stop motion animation works to get you started.

Easy Stop Motion Animation for Beginners from TinkerLabs is a good guide for all ages to try out stop motion.

More ideas

The beginnings of stop motion. The origin of stop motion dates back to the late 1800s, when the technique was first used to create The Humpty Dumpty Circus by Albert E. Smith and J. Stuart Blackton. Using toys as props, the pioneering animators moved them frame-by-frame to make them come to life.

More samples of stop motion here and here.

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