Bigfoot Bonanza Film Festival

Dear Readers,

Seventeen years ago, I was walking in the snow to go knock on the door of the monastery in Khumjung, to see their sacred Yeti scalp. I had spent five weeks in Nepal, collecting Yeti stories and interviewing eye witnesses.

In the years that followed, I would interview similar witnesses, but to those who saw a Bigfoot. Were some of these hoaxes or did these people actually see these giant creatures of the unknown? How did movies turn these beings of lore into monsters in the public’s eye during the 1950’s -70’s? Are they really a race of hiding primates? Dimension traveling beings? Ghosts of cavemen? A hidden tribe of the missing link? I encourage you to explore each possibility at the “Bigfoot Bonanza Film Festival” and conference, Saturday and Sunday, March 10th and 11th at the historic Vogue Theatre in San Francisco.

Loren Coleman, perhaps the most famous living Cryptozoologist, will be the main guest speaker, giving talks both days.bigfoot hunter

Filmmaker Seth Breedlove from Ohio will be showing two of his Small Town Monsters documentaries, Beast of Whitehall and Invasion on Chestnut Ridge. Peter von Puttkamer will be showing his classic documentary, Sasquatch Odyssey, about the legendary four horsemen of Bigfooting.

The audience will get to have a sneak-peek too at the upcoming film Crypozoologist with the producer Matt Ralston, who also produced last year’s award-winning documentary, Love & Saucers.

From old documentaries to late 70’s cult classic horror like The Legend of Boggy Creek, the “Bigfoot Bonanza” is sure to pull in Bigfoot investigators from all over the country to talk and watch some movies together that perhaps first got them inspired in the subject long ago.


Perhaps one of the films will make you want to become a “believer”…if you are not one already? Sasquatch Saturday will only be showing films that involve Bigfoot or Swamp Apes. Naturally, or should I say supernaturally, Snowman Sunday will be an all day Yeti fest, including one live band, The Not Yetis.

With over 27 hours of Bigfoot, Swamp Ape and Yeti films and 5 special out-of-town guest speakers, you may leave just as bewildered as when you walked in. Keep Folklore Alive and Support your Local Monster.

For Schedule, Special Guests and Tickets go to


~Kai Wada Roath.


sf.Bigfoot.0309Kai Wada Roath is host of the Bigfoot Bonanza and Presenter of the Super Shangri-La Show. Born in Eureka, his first encounter with the world of Bigfoot came when he overheard a conversation at the next table at an old diner. The life-long search began. Working for a travel adventure company gives him plenty of opportunity to seek out legends—truth or fiction?

Read interviews with him about how the festivals came to be at Cryptoblast and his proud hometown newspaper. Or listen to an interview on Killer Movie Reviews.

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