Robert Bloomberg has written about animation for EatDrinkFilms and presented numerous 3D film shows around the world. His new exhibit at the Fairfax Library features samples of his graphic designs, photography and 3D work.


As co-founder with Marilyn Freund of All Night Media he used his sense of humor and graphic designs to thousands of lovers of their rubber stamps and other items that have become collector’s items.


And visit his website for more goodies.

From Bob’s award-winning Animation Pie to the San Francisco Earthquakes of 1906 and 1989, the hilarious How to Draw a Cat to close-up looks at exotic creatures and travels to faraway lands, the film section will keep you entertained and amazed.

If you have some red-green 3D glasses you can enjoy the 3D section but even without there is plenty to see and hear.

Here are some sample images from the website. The Fairfax Library exhibit has much more you will not find on the website.

Bridled_Passionsjpg_size800x600_bgffffff_fs9bcd4900c451ba925e46efc08e90511d_tr0_p0.pngThe_TWOJ_PRB_Kingjpg_size800x600_bgffffff_fsacdb92826b1506e0b8f38f70d79dacea_tr0_p0.pngThe_TWOJ_PRB_Queenjpg_size800x600_bgffffff_fs952012e56d28418ade61ed0ac8466d87_tr0_p0.pngBlack-Excellent_TWOJ_PRB_Schooljpg_size800x600_bgffffff_fs02630a6dc8bd078f7facc860e46c8a65_tr0_p0.pngBlack-Subway_TWOJ_PRB_Cowjpg_size800x600_bgffffff_fs3f0eb88523fbe557ddc6b4c6566a4580_tr0_p0.pngCrossViewRedEyedTreeFrogjpg_size800x600_bgffffff_fs5840c75d9b2bc16414694578c3f7c23f_tr0_p0.pngParallelViewTheSourcejpg_size800x600_bgffffff_fs5e2373ed96d8a92800680f28b4d11354_tr0_p0.pngParallelViewKaleidocatjpg_size800x600_bgffffff_fs6236e6da01da76c7f218c876adf28879_tr0_p0.pngPot-cycle-800x600jpg_size800x600_bgffffff_fsf3ab9ae99272a7915e8392e171c4c9f7_tr0_p0.pngimages-2.jpg                                                   search.jpg


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