A Sweet Deal For Sweet Sushi Fans

Oakland’s Grand Lake Theatre has brought the popular East Side Sushi back and it will show through Thursday, February 18.

Green ice creamPresent your East Side Sushi movie ticket stub from any of this week’s Grand Lake Theatre showings  at nearby restaurant filming location Coach Sushi—and home of the Green Diablo Roll from the movie—for a free dessert of either cool ‘n creamy Green Tea ice cream or luscious, chocolate-drizzled Banana Tempura with any order!

Make it a dinner date before or after the movie – Coach is open Tue – Sun from 5:00 p.m.

Green diablo
Read what our critics had to say here, an insider’s perspective from the owners of ICHI Sushi,  and see shorts by director Anthony Lucero.
Visit the official website.

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