Sublime Salmon; Neon, Noir, & Cocktails; Room; Remembering Hara Setsuko

Dear Friends,

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baked-salmonAnd now on to the pleasures.

This week may be our most eclectic collection of original writing ever.

We start out with salmon, one of the most divine foods we can eat. Patricia Unterman of the Hayes Street Grill offers two of her favorite ways to prepare it. Then she reviews a poetic and powerful new movie, The Breach about the delicate balance of keeping salmon healthy and plentiful. And we offer you a chance to see the movie in your home.

Why not cook a salmon dinner for friends, show the movie and have a discussion after?

neon-fourpanelTom Downs invites us on a downtown San Francisco neon tour with a few drinks along the way. It is a great excuse to alert you to the “Neon and Noir Night” at the Balboa on December 12. Want a teaser? Check out Eat My Shorts for a beautifully edited tribute to neon in noir plus videos on how to make the cocktails mentioned in Tom’s article.

Have you seen the movie Room? Powerful stuff. Tara DeMoulin saw it, recalling her own powerful memories and you won’t forget what she has written.

hara-bikeA great actress of the silver screen passed away on September 5 but it was only this week that Hara Setsuko’s death was made public. The Japanese star was a favorite of Kurosawa, Ozu, and Naruse who directed her in several films each. Kelly Vance offers a very personal response to her unforgettable performances.

Have a great week and think of us whenever you eat, drink and see films.



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