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A Must-See Movie Dedicated to the Wild Salmon Dilemma

Watch a powerful film about saving wild salmon for future generations – and raise money for to help keep going all with a click. The award-winning documentary film The Breach is available now to watch online – or stream to your TV. You can buy or rent the film here.

THE BREACH has partnered with the filmmakers and will receive 25% of every transaction from buying or renting The Breach to continue our work. And of course it supports the filmmakers and their work.

Please tell your friends and family.

By this point, you’ve heard a lot about the wild vs. farmed salmon debate. But now it’s time for wild salmon to really step into the limelight: They got their own feature-length film focusing on their shocking rate of disappearance.

The Breach was made by filmmaker Mark Titus, who grew up fishing with his dad, worked at a salmon processing plant and later became an Alaskan fishing guide.

In the film, Titus speaks to fishermen, tribal leaders, scientists, policy makers, artists, authors and chefs, all in a quest to discover where the fish have gone (spoiler alert: it’s due to human hubris) and what might bring them (and their fragile ecosystem) back.

The Breach is a must-watch for any conscious minded consumer.

Watch the trailer here.

You can watch the movie now.

After watching it, you’ll understand that by choosing to eat wild salmon, you are also choosing to save them. Don’t let us make you think it’s a downer — Titus celebrates the almost mythological nature of the fish and peppers the film with artistic animation, which makes for an engaging watch.

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