Eat My Shorts – HOUDINI

Houdini NothiingAlso in this issue, Teller discusses The Grim Game , a lost Houdini silent film which was recently rediscovered, and the acting career of Harry Houdini. We thought you’d enjoy a few moments with Houdini.

Houdini’s Straight Jacket* Escape. (2:00 min.)

A collection of photos and news footage of Houdini performing various escapes including clips from the climatic airplane fight and crash in The Grim Game. (3:29min.)

The Mysterious Secrets of Harry Houdini – History Channel doc contains some rare footage in a doc about the magician’s search to prove spiritualists were not real.(22 min.)


Discovery Channel documentary about magicians who collect memorabilia and were influenced by Houdini. (22 min.)

EDF FilmStripGet Houdini: The Movie Star, a three-disk set from Kino, from

*We have chosen not to contradict the titles on the YouTube video. The correct spelling would be “Straitjacket.” The root word “strait” means “narrowing or confining,” but the correct spelling has been overwhelmed by the common usage.

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