Eat My Shorts: Frozen Film Festival

What do musicians, artists, surfers, animators, local documentary filmmakers and Bay Area film lovers all have in common?  They are all subjects of the 9th annual SF Frozen Film Festival in the Mission.

Frozen poster The San Francisco Frozen Film Festival is dedicated to creating avenues for independent filmmakers, youth, filmmakers of conscience, and artists from underserved communities to come together and exhibit their work to the widest possible audience.

The San Francisco Frozen Film Festival is Friday and Saturday, July 17-18 at the Roxie Theatre in San Francisco. Many filmmakers will be in attendance.

There are nine programs of short animation, documentaries, comedies, experimental works, dramas, many by local filmmakers—plus two features.

We have selected three shorts for your viewing pleasure, but we encourage you to go see more on the big screen with an audience at the festival.

Horizontal RuleRivers of Eden

Join filmmaker Pete McBride, a National Geographic Freshwater Hero, on a journey into the Fijian Highlands to discover why the locals said “no” to easy money from resource extraction, and how they turned to tourism to fund a conservation area that protects one of the most beautiful rivers on Earth. Slicing through the island’s tropical highlands, the Upper Navua Gorge is unparalleled. Sheer walls rocket 150 feet skyward as green, roiling waters sleuth through 20-foot-wide natural canals. Waterfalls and a misty spray dance from the jungle above, keeping this oasis glistening with life. When native Fijian guides aren’t singing or laughing, they share legends of warfare and love that are intertwined with each bend in the river.

Native Coloradan Pete McBride has spent two decades studying the world with a camera. A self-taught, award-winning photographer, writer and filmmaker, he has traveled on assignment to over 70 countries for the publications of the National Geographic Society, Smithsonian, Outside, Esquire, Audubon, Stern, and GEO, and for companies such as Patagonia, Microsoft and The Nature Conservancy.McBride_130609_6954(1)Raised on a Colorado cattle ranch, Pete is passionate about storytelling and unique, gripping ways to communicate a narrative, whether it involves vantages from 20,000 feet or swimming below icebergs. His perspective on capturing water-related stories led American Photo Magazine to list Pete as “one of the top five water photographers” in the nation.

Recently Pete decided to focus his cameras on a subject close to his heart. Combining his passion for aviation and his belief in conservation, he spent over four years documenting his backyard river—the Colorado. This journey culminated in a coffee table book, The Colorado River: Flowing Through Conflict, and a series of short films including the Frozen Film Festival highlight Delta Dawn. He now focuses his lenses and energies on watershed issues and related stories around the world to raise awareness about freshwater challenges.

When not lost on assignment or doing public speaking, you can find McBride exploring the creeks and mountains in the Rocky Mountains, or practicing mandolin on his back porch in Colorado.

Watch other films by Pete McBride, including the stunning I Am Red (about the Colorado River) at his website, www.

Listen to an NPR interview.

Horizontal RuleMute

Mute has a concept that would have been grotesque in live-action but turns into something kind of sweet and charming in animation. Dutch filmmakers Job, Joris & Marieke create a funny animated tale about discovering the gift of speech in a world where people are born without mouths.

Job, Joris & Marieke specialize in illustration, animation, character design and music. Their work is characterized by cute and intriguing characters who usually get wrapped up in all kinds of awkward situations. They studied together at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, and because of their mixed skill set, they relish the opportunity to produce projects from concept to creation to final delivery. Their other interests include working personal projects like short independent films, educational assignments and designing toys.

Job Watch the making of Mute and find out more.

Horizontal Rule Perspective

Filmmaker Christopher Loukides discusses his film Perspective:

“My best friends come from skateboarding and filmmaking, and often the origins of these friendships blur together. That’s the origin of this film—to bring the people, talents, and skills from these two worlds together.

chris “Skateboarding led me to filmmaking, and I wanted to give back to skateboarding, my friends, and the community of the Bay Area with this film. The skateboarders and filmmakers opened their hearts and shared their perspective in each interview. The two major themes I made sure to include were family and giving to others. I was happy to hear stories of brothers and cousins.

“Skateboarders are often seen as outsiders and disrespectful to others. I wanted this film to share the perspective of this group of people who are often misunderstood, and who hold something special in their hearts, something more than an activity involving a plank of wood on wheels that damages property often and makes a loud racket. I wanted to share that this is not the only side to skateboarders, that there is much more.

“In this film you’ll learn a little about where these individuals reside, where they come from, and what they think of their favorite activity.”

A man of few words but many ideas, Christopher Loukides has found outlets for creativity in all aspects of his life. He caught the film bug at the ripe age of 12, filming his friends skateboarding in his hometown of Napa. Ever since, he’s been shredding it. After film school and some time spent freelancing, Chris now works at emotion studios in Sausalito as a producer, writing and editing for some of the most innovative clients in the Bay Area. Outside of business hours, Chris can be found trolling the streets of the Bay Area on skateboard or bike, hiking the Marin hills with his fiancee, or editing his newest skate video while devouring an entire bag of tortilla chips—and loving every minute of it.

Christopher’s website.  

There is a lot to enjoy at the Frozen Film Festival, including two food-related animated shorts. Here are trailers:

Individual shows are $12.00 each, or an All Festival Pass is available for just $20. For additional information about tickets and show times please visit the festival home.



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