Letter from the Publisher

Dear Friends,

Exactly one year ago I decided to launch EatDrinkFilms. After thinking about it, getting opinions from those I respect and finding writers eager to be a part of the venture, it seemed that having the first issue toast the San Francisco International Film Festival was appropriate. And now we celebrate our first anniversary with a salute to the 58th edition of the oldest film festival in The Americas. And it is a stellar year for them, as you will see.

I am sure you noticed the new logo to celebrate our birthday. Thank you to Addis for creating this wonderful new look that we think tells our story perfectly and playfully.

Our wonderful editor, Johnny Ray Huston, offers readers a terrific balance of weekly surprises for fans of food, librations and movies. Together Johnny and I explore unique ways to cover new and classic movies, and find the best new drink- and cookbooks for recipe excerpts to supplement the unique original food and drink writing we offer, all accompanied by rich visuals. He reaches out to his wide range of connections and then puts it all together into a tasty package for our mutual enjoyment. The writers include top film critics from the Bay Area and beyond: chefs, filmmakers, mixologists and terrific writers from various fields who bring their experience to offer new perspectives for eating, drinking and exploring films. We thank them all, and look forward to bringing you more goodness.

EatDrinkFilms is proud to have co-presented films at numerous film festivals, including Food & Farm, IndieFest, CAAMFest, SF Jewish Film Festival and now the San Francisco International Film Festival. Watch for our co-presentations at the upcoming SF Silent Film Festival, SF Green Festival, DocFest and much more. We are planning a film series with Charlie Hallowell at Oakland’s Pizzialo, a full day of movies on October 24 for Food Day, and a big announcement later this year. Stay tuned and please tell your friends to join us for all the news.




Gary Meyer



garyGary Meyer co-founded Landmark Theatres in 1975, the first national arthouse chain in the U.S. focused on creative marketing strategies to build loyal audiences for non-Hollywood fare. After selling Landmark, he consulted on projects for Sundance Cinemas and the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Rose Cinemas, created the Dockers Classically Independent Film Festival and Tube Film Festival for the X Games, and resurrected the 1926 Balboa Theatre in San Francisco. Meyer joined the Telluride Film Festival in 1998, becoming a Festival Co-Director in 2007. Meyer also founded the online magazine, EatDrinkFilms.com in 2014, with the EatDrinkFilms Festival to tour nationally in 2015.

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