His & Hers Beer Notes: 2013 Black Tuesday (The Bruery)

by Daniel Barnes and Darcey Self-Barnes

18.9% ABV

Purchased through The Bruery online shop and poured into mini tasting glasses


This already legendary bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout from Orange County-based The Bruery pours a midnight black with a vaporous, light brown head. It smacks you with hard alcohol aromas upon the first crack of the bottle, but chocolate, coffee and wet wood notes emerge when you dial in further. An eye-popper upon first swallow, with the flavors working on two different levels—throat-clearing booziness on one end of the palate, spectacularly strong and nuanced chocolate and coffee on the other. Black Tuesday is a masterful slow-sipper, and not as grossly sweet as some of The Bruery’s other big-ass brews. The beer works wonders if you take your time with it, growing a little more peppery on the aftertaste, and with vanilla bean and wood growing stronger the longer it warms.


Horizontal RuleDanielandDarceyDaniel Barnes and Darcey Self-Barnes have been blogging about craft beer at His & Hers Beer Notes since January 2012. Darcey is a freelance designer and illustrator, and Daniel is a film critic for the Sacramento News and Review and a member of the San Francisco Film Critics Circle.

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