Eat My Shorts: Who Was Diana Dors?

Diana Dors is our featured celebrity chef in Jenny Hammerton’s “Eat Like the Stars.”


Many people won’t know her but she was often considered to be the British Marilyn Monroe.

Here’s a fan produced website.

One of her first parts was as Charlotte in David Lean’s Oliver Twist (1948)

This short documentary is in three short parts — subsequent parts available as you finish each one.

Diana had a singing career. A photo gallery accompanies “So Little Time.”

Unholy Wife

Her first American film was made in Napa in 1957.

Mike Wallace interview

Joking around with Bob Hope on TV

And a hilarious skit

Diana sings Harold Arlen’s “Hooray for Love” on the Steve Allen Show

Marilyn Monroe takes the high road

A powerful clip from Tread Lightly Stranger (1958)

Who Stole Diana’s Millions? Is a 50-minute overview and exploration of her career.

“It Was Just One of Those Things” – From the TV Series Alfred Hitchcock Presents – Music & Lyrics by Cole Porter

Trailers and clips

Rarely seen West 11

Diana’s hit comedy TV series was the Queenie’s Castle.

Here Queenie (Diana) is fascinating about what she would do if she were rich, and has an idea of what Mrs. Petty (Lynne Perrie) would play.

Unholy Wife

The Long Haul

 Berserk!  (Diana meets Joan Crawford!]

Diana got rave reviews for her last film, Joseph Losey’s Steaming.

There are dozens of films, clips, songs and TV shows online.

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