EAT MY SHORTS with Joel Edgerton

Australian Joel Edgerton is having quite a year. Audiences have become aware of him from his roles in Star Wars Episodes II & III: (2002 & 2005)), Kinky Boots.

As FBI Agent John Connolly in Black Mass

As FBI Agent John Connolly in Black Mass

(2005), Animal Kingdom (2010), Zero Dark Thirty (2012), The Great Gatsby (2013) and Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014). And in 2015 he wrote and directed the much-praised The Gift and is co-starring opposite Johnny Depp in Black Mass.

But Joel and his brother Nash have been involved in all aspects of the movies for a long time. Between them they have written, directed, done stunts and acted a lot. People took serious note of their multiple talents with their collaboration on the feature The Square (2008).

EatDrinkFilms is pleased to present a selection of their short films.

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The Pitch

In 2001 Joel co-wrote and has a small part in this comedy directed by Nash.

A young filmmaker pitches his latest masterpiece. Watch through the credits.(3 minutes)

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The Spider (2007)

Written and Directed by Nash Edgerton and featuring Joel Edgerton as a paramedic.

Consummate joker Jack plays a prank on his girlfriend Jill that goes too far. But like mum said, “It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.” (7 minutes)

Horizontal RuleThe List (2008)

In the same year as they made The Square, Joel wrote and directed a crime short.

After making wrong choices, Dale has found himself on a dark path: one of violence and crime. Earmarked to commit a murder, he is already dispassionate to his cause… but a collision with his romantic past sparks a deeper questioning. (25 minutes)

Horizontal RuleMonkeys (2011)

Joel wrote and directed, preparing for his leap to the feature The Gift.

Friendship is tested when a guy realizes his mate has gone and copied his haircut. Will he confront his true emotions? (7 minutes)

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The Mysterious Explorations of Jasper Morello (2005)

Joel Edgerton does a masterful job narrating this Academy Award nominated animated fantasy.

Styled after mid-Victorian England with Steampunk style iron dirigibles and steam powered computers, where giant mechanical airships are the main mode of transport. (26 minutes)

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60 Minutes did a segment on these “Brothers in Arms” in 2014.

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Joel is interviewed about The Gift

Horizontal RuleYou can follow @joeledgerton1.

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