Eat Real Festival This Weekend

Each year we look forward to this weekend full of great food, drinks and music. The people watching and meeting is a bonus at the Eat Real Festival. Located at Jack London Square Friday, Saturday and Sunday there is no admission fee.

Photo by Michael Jeong

Photo by Michael Jeong

Seven years ago when the Food Craft Institute came up with an idea to have a festival of food trucks preparing locally sourced foods, it wasn’t as easy to organize as you might have thought. Most trucks were selling burritos and tacos. The food truck revolution as we know it today had not started. A behind-the-scenes story goes that the organizers rented a bunch of trucks and approached a range of local small ethnic restaurants to prepare a few specialties. But to make sure the quality of the food met their high standards the organizers got the produce, meat and other ingredients donated from local, trust-worthy sources. And the crowds came anxious to try this new concept out.


Things have changed and there are more intriguing food trucks than one can count. Many will be at the Eat Real Festival offering their treats. Be adventurous and share with friends and family. There will be lots to choose from and no food item will cost more than $8.00.

Paella; Photo by Paul Gilbert-Snyder

Paella; Photo by Paul Gilbert-Snyder

There will be live music, demonstrations, classes and so much more.

Photo by Phillip Yip

Photo by Phillip Yip

Some of the scheduled events you might enjoy:

Photo by Paul Gilbert-Snyder

Photo by Paul Gilbert-Snyder

Business of Beer

Global Fast Food Friday 

Chilifries and Pulled Pork; Photo by Paul Gilbert-Snyder

Chilifries and Pulled Pork; Photo by Paul Gilbert-Snyder

Wine and Chocolate Pairing Class

Tortilla Party!

Flying Knives Beef Breakdown

Photo by Lauren Lee

Photo by Lauren Lee

The Wonders of Legumes

Tequila & Mezcal Tasting

ERporkOffal Wonderful Cooking Classes

Drought- Conscious Cooking

Photo by Lauren Lee

Cocktail Workshops

Ricotta & Chevre Making

Pickling Party

Tasting Booth Experience in the Craft Marketplace

ERkidAnd lots of activities and programs for Kids!

Map and Festival Schedule of Events

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Eat Real KidsWant to tag your most delicious moments? Tag all your photos & posts with #ERF2015 for a chance to be featured on the Nicho gallery.

The Eat Real Festival is the premier educational program of the Food Craft Institute, a non-profit organization focused on creating and making viable small to medium-scale, handmade, artisan food companies in the United States. Eat Real’s mission is to help revitalize regional food systems, build public awareness of and respect for the craft of making good food and to encourage the growth of American food entrepreneurs.

ER posterHorizontal RuleRead our comprensive coverage of the Eat Real Festival in Oakland’s historic Jack London Square:

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