Eat My Shorts – FRESH AIR 2: 2 FRESH 2 FURIOUS

Mike Birbiglia is funny comedian and writer who directed his first feature film, Sleepwalk With Me in 2014. Co-written and produced by Ira Glass, his regular collaborator on National Public Radio’s The American Life, it relates the story of struggling with a relationship gone bad, severe sleepwalking and the stalled career of a stand-up comedian.

sleepposterHe made the expected visit to Terry Gross to publicize the movie with an interview on Fresh Air. And that inspired a short film fantasizing what might happen if the two spent several hours together.

If you have never listened to Fresh Air, Fresh Air 2: 2 Fresh 2 Furious won’t be as funny as it will if you are a fan. And don’t reveal the surprises to anyone. They should discover the pleasure themselves.

Marc Maron turned the tables on Terry Gross and interviewed her in front of an audience at the Brooklyn Academy of Music Opera House for his WTF podcast. This revealing session is uncut—not the watered-down version that aired on Fresh Air—and is a perfect way to follow watching Fresh Air 2: 2 Fresh 2 Furious.

For more related videos, check out the Sleepwalk With Me YouTube channel.

Sleepwalk With Me and Birbiglia’s stand-up comedy DVDs are available on various video formats.

The New York Times bestselling book version of Sleepwalk With Me is also available via Indiebound or Amazon.

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