When we decided to review the new feature film Steak (R)evolution, it inspired a desire to look for an appropriate short, and it didn’t take long to ask Oscar-nominated animator Bill Plympton if we could feature his recent work The Cow Who Wanted To Be a Hamburger.

Bill is an American animator, graphic designer, cartoonist, director, screenwriter and producer best known for his 1987 Academy Award-nominated animated short Your Face; the series of shorts Guard Dog, Guide Dog, Hot Dog, Horn Dog; and 40 other shorts plus six feature-length films. His films are hand-drawn by Bill, amazing in this era of computer animation. His most recent feature, Cheatin’, was reviewed in EatDrinkFilms.

We urge to you look through his website and have a good time. Bill’s movies are terrific to own and show at parties, especially when you want to have some laughs and be astonished at his imagination. He is clearly the heir to the Fleischer Brothers, who created surreal images in Betty Boop cartoons and other animations of the late 1920s and early 1930s.

TwobillsIn an interview in the A.V. Club, he said, “I think it’s part of the responsibility of an artist to shock, to upset, to make people think differently, and to surprise people. And that’s where the good humor is, if there’s a surprise and there’s something unexpected. Something that’s not normal, not in the realm of general living expectations.”

Take a look at Bill’s website.

Earlier this year, animator Steve Segal went on a tour of the Disney Family Museum with Bill and wrote about it for EatDrinkFilms.

Read the recent article in The Atlantic, Sex, Lies, and Animation.

Master Class: Bill Plympton’s Guide to Telling Animated Stories.

Check out “Bill Plympton Illustrates The Story of His Animation Career” (an hour-long video lecture).

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