Eat My Shorts: ‘Funny, You Don’t Look Jewish….’

The San Francisco Jewish Film Festival is in full swing as it moves into its second week of screenings in San Francisco and Berkeley (Oakland and San Rafael follow on August 7-9). Last week, “Eat My Shorts” featured new and past short films from the festival. This week, we offer three very funny classics from previous incarnations of the fest.

UNA posterA new initiative from the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival is the renaming of the organization to the Jewish Film Institute, with a goal to “inspire communities in San Francisco and around the world to expand their understanding of Jewish life through film, media, and dialogue.” The archive of information about films is impressive, and a most exciting addition is a new Video on demand (VOD) platform via Vimeo. There are 35 feature films available for rental or purchase, with more to be added throughout the year.

A large selection of free short films is available on YouTube. Each month will have a featured short. This month it is the companion to the YidLife Crisis episode showcased in last week’s installment of Eat My Shorts. You can create your own film festival with dozens more great works now streaming.

This week’s trio of shorts are comedies that deal with identity.

SolowayTamborJill Soloway’s Transparent has become one of the most popular new online series since its debut on Amazon Prime. She is a comedian, playwright, feminist, and television writer (Six Feet Under, Grey’s Anatomy, etc). In 2013 she founded WIFEY.TV with shorts, blogs and much more. Also, in 2013, her feature Afternoon Delight won the Directing Award at Sundance.

We present her 2012 short Una Hora Por Favora, which played at the SF Jewish Film Festival and at Sundance. A synopsis: On the streets of LA, thousands of men are available as day laborers for cash, by the hour. What happens when lonely and single Elissa picks up the capable and handsome Arturo? She realizes one hour is simply not enough.

Una Hora Por Favora:

Pizza Bagel:

pizzabagel posterJoe Mari’s very funny comedy Pizza Bagel asks, “What happens when a traditional Italian father prepares a Kosher dinner for his son’s Jewish girlfriend and mother?”

Don’t Tell Santa You’re Jewish:

santa-lapCanadian independent animator Jody Kramer’s 4-minute animation Don’t Tell Santa You’re Jewish follows a seven-year-old girl who is encouraged by her mom to pretend she’s not Jewish so she can sit on Santa’s knee at her hockey league’s Christmas party.





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