How Are We Doing?

Dear Friends,

In late April we launched EatDrinkFilms with an idea that many people love one, two or three of these things and that bringing together quality writing from a diverse collection of people would be of interest to many readers.

The response has been terrific. We thank you for your support.

But we need to grow. One of the things I wanted to do was pay our writers and staff. Sadly in today’s online world, few writers earn money from their postings. We have had authors tell us that they are not paid for their writing, not even for Huffington Post or

To pay them we need a revenue flow and that most likely would be sponsors who buy space. We are committed to making them non-intrusive and hopefully interesting. And to entice these sponsors we need more subscribers. You can help by forwarding EatDrinkFilms to friends and encourage them to get a free subscription.

Tweet about us and then post a link on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked and blogs. Help us launch a social media blitz.

A Survey

In a few days you will get an email asking you to take a survey to help us better understand what you like about EDF, what inspires you to open the email announcements, what you would like to see and a few other questions that will help us make this an even better publication.

To entice you to take the survey, we will have a number of random drawings to award cookbooks and movies. Our prizes include some spectacular recent food, drink and film books that you have seen excerpted here. And we have Criterion Classic films as well as recent commercial and art film hits on DVD and BluRay. There are lots of prizes so the chances of you winning are very good.

When you see the email for the survey, we hope that you will open it and take a few minutes to fill it out. There will also be a special exclusive announcement there.

That will make the happiest of holidays for everyone at EatDrinkFilms.


Gary Meyer headshot




Gary Meyer

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