Foraging with Ava Chin, Leonard Maltin Interview, Amélie on Stage, His & Hers Beer Notes, Shorts by Joel Edgerton

Welcome to issue 74 of EatDrinkFilms.

This week, Risa Nye reviews Ava Chin’s book Eating Wildly, with a keen appreciation for the way it moves from the experience of loss to the act of finding, balancing autobiography with a personal guide to foraging in the city. “It’s the unexpected bounty and regenerative powers of nature that have deepened my connection with my hometown, my family, and even myself,” Chin writes. We also feature Chin’s recipe for Wild Greens Pie, a main ingredient of which is lamb’s-quarter, a nutritious weed that gardeners dislike but chefs love.

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Mayan Sushi, Czar of Noir on Gangster Depp, 2 Offal & 2 Pasta Recipes, Shaken & Stirred Cocktails, Eat Real All Weekend

Welcome to issue 73 of EatDrinkFilms.

This week’s issue brings a variety of responses to the vitality of Anthony Lucero’s Oakland-set movie East Side Sushi. In one of two installments of “Critics Corner” this week, Tien-Tien L. Jong foregrounds the film’s layered approach to tradition and its dedication to a woman’s story, of self-determination, while Patricia Unterman savors its cross-cultural creativity and authentic love of food. Broadening the perspective, Risa Nye interviews Erin and Tim Archuleta of ICHI Sushi and ICHI Kakiya for their take on the movie. And this week’s “Eat My Shorts” presents some short works by Lucero. Continue reading