Killing the Cool : Understanding the rise of Japanese whisky

whiskyart7“I think it has a lot to do with that concept of killing the cool – that philosophy where once something becomes popular it has to be killed, and then you jump onto something else. At the end of the day, it’s really about trend.” – Linh Do

by Janne Barklis

Linh Do tends bar. She has that up-close-and-personal relationship with trends, especially in the spirits world, as only one serving up sought-after intoxications can. I reached out to this wildly intelligent whisky enthusiast because I wanted to learn more about when, how and why Japanese whisky claimed blog, bar, liquor store and conversation spotlight.

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Spirit Works Distillery: Wheat, Women and Song

by Risa Nye

Two things drew me to visit Spirit Works Distillery in Sebastopol: They serenade their barrels with music, and they have an all-female distillery team. Unusual on both counts, it was worth a trip out of town to get a closer look at the operation. As a bonus, getting there provided a scenic view of the vineyards and the acres of brilliant yellow mustard flowers that pop up every year at this time. Continue reading

Stookey’s, Part Deux: Drinks and Style

by Julie Lindow

(Ed. note: This is the second of two parts about Stookey’s Club Moderne, celebrating its first anniversary this month. Part One ran in the Jan. 22 edition of EatDrinkFilms.)

Whether you want a quiet corner to finish your book along with a perfect Negroni, to observe an extraordinary bartender in action, or to join friends for a round of 100 Reasons Rye on a comfortable booth bench, Stookey’s Club Moderne is the place for you. Continue reading