Q & A: The Image of the Journalist in Popular Culture


heroes-book-lgIn light of Spotlight’s six Oscar nominations  – and the winners being announced at the Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday, Feb. 28 – we talked to Joe Saltzman, co-author (with Matthew C. Ehrlich) of the new book Heroes and Scoundrels: The Image of the Journalist in Popular Culture (University of Illinois Press). [Ed. note: Spotlight won the Best Picture Oscar.]

Saltzman is a professor of journalism and communication at USC Annenberg, and he maintains the comprehensive Image of the Journalist in Popular Culture (IJPC) research database www.ijpc.org (more than 87,000 entries and counting). Saltzman previously had a long, award-filled career in newspaper reporting and editing, broadcast journalism and documentary filmmaking. Roger Leatherwood interviews him for EatDrinkFilms.

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A Baker’s Dozen: Mayan Chocolate Cookies (Plus Two Amazing Chocolate Frostings)

by Dianne Boate

These days food flavors are being borrowed from every recipe known to man to create new sensations both in the mouth and for the pocketbook.  Some are simply old ideas brought to life again with new twists and turns, while others have been lurking in food files to be rediscovered and savored. It happened to me recently while poking about in my “New Cookies to Make” file.  It was a newspaper clipping yellowed with age.  On the day I found it, I quickly realized I had all of the ingredients, so I sprang out of the chair and turned on the oven and went to work.

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“Five Came Back,” A Book Review

by Vince Keenan

Five is a charmed number for Mark Harris.  In 2008’s Pictures at a Revolution, he charted New Hollywood’s tectonic shifts by profiling the quintet of films nominated for Best Picture of 1967, from the nouvelle vague-influenced Bonnie & Clyde  to the studio bloat of Doctor Dolittle .  He deploys a similar conceit in Five Came Back: A Story of Hollywood and the Second World War .  Chronicling the military careers of several established filmmakers allows him to tell the sprawling, underreported tale of the Allied propaganda effort.

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