Stookey’s, Part Deux: Drinks and Style

by Julie Lindow

(Ed. note: This is the second of two parts about Stookey’s Club Moderne, celebrating its first anniversary this month. Part One ran in the Jan. 22 edition of EatDrinkFilms.)

Whether you want a quiet corner to finish your book along with a perfect Negroni, to observe an extraordinary bartender in action, or to join friends for a round of 100 Reasons Rye on a comfortable booth bench, Stookey’s Club Moderne is the place for you. Continue reading

Hot Buttered Rum: Official Drink of Presidents Nos. 1 and 2?

7-manly-cocktailsby Risa Nye

Here in the Bay Area, the rain and cold weather have finally made their presence felt — and just in time for National Hot Buttered Rum Day, Sunday, January 17. Why does this particular cold weather drink deserve its own day, you may ask. Have you ever had one? If so, you will appreciate how hot rum drinks warm the body and soul and make the long, cold, wintry nights easier to withstand. In addition, imbibing toddies and the like is a long-standing tradition in America, beginning with the earliest colonists – and a tradition well worth observing in the New Year. Continue reading

Son of Saul Reviews X 2, Hot Buttered Rum, A Mystery Writer’s Recipes, Berlin and Beyond, Who’s Oscar?

Dear Friends,

In a matter of five days the Golden Globes gave some pretty strange awards, winners gave drunken speeches and the Academy announced the Oscar nominations with some overlap and surprises. The surprises were often in what was left out. We have asked filmmakers and other movie experts to offer their thoughts on what is missing. Continue reading

Letter from the Editors

Dear Friends,

The New Year is here and after a week’s break we are back with a lot to enjoy.

First we have breaking news about a very special appearance just announced for the February 12-13 screenings of Vertigo with the San Francisco Symphony’s live accompaniment.

Daniel Barnes and Darcey Self-Barnes share their unique His & Hers Beer Notes about Paris of the West from the Almanac Beer Company. Continue reading