The Making of IDA, Part One

by Pawel Pawlikowski

The other day someone from the Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Academy in LA asked my producer Ewa to send them the script of our film Ida so they could deposit it in their Core Library collection. Ewa rang me up worried: what exactly should she send them? She had 23 permutations of the script on her files. Surely she couldn’t send them the official script we raised the money on. It was nothing like the film that ended up on the screen. Maybe we could simply send a transcript of the finished film? But that would amount to no more than 30 pages—probably not much use to the Academy, either. Continue reading

Martin Scorsese on Polish Masterpieces at PFA

Over the years director and cineaste Martin Scorsese has visited Berkeley’s Pacific Film Archive to do research for his projects as well as to learn about and screen hard-to-find movies. The Bay Area is lucky to have such a treasure trove for movie lovers. The PFA offers so much more than its ambitious screening program.

EatDrinkFilms asked Marty for a comment about the current series that he programmed:  Continue reading

Editor’s Pick: Masterpieces of Polish Cinema at the PFA–THE SARAGOSSA MANUSCRIPT

by Michael Guillén

There’s no doubt about it, Martin Scorsese has clout.  If he decides the national cinema of Poland deserves international attention, so be it, as he has proven with his touring retrospective “Masterpieces of Polish Cinema,” which premiered earlier this year at New York’s Lincoln Center and now arrives at Berkeley’s Pacific Film Archive (June 14-Aug. 21, 2014).  Continue reading