The French Had a Name for It: A Gallic Twist on an American Genre

by Pam Grady

All roads lead to Trenton, NJ after a young black man is lynched in the postwar American South in I Spit on Your Graves (J’irai cracher sur vos tombes) , Michel Gast’s 1959 fever dream revenge thriller, a surreal standout among the dozen rarelyseen titles that make up The French Had a Name for It, the latest film noir series at San Francisco’s Roxie Theater. Continue reading

New Visions: The Bay Area ReelAbilities Disability Film Festival

by Tom di Maria

Can you imagine never having seen somebody like you in a movie? If you are a person with Downs Syndrome or Cerebral Palsy, this may very likely be the case. But that is part of the power of film … it has the ability to transport us into a world beyond what we have experienced, through compelling narrative structures and enticing visual language.  Continue reading

From Stockholm to Timbuktu: A Psyched-to-See List for the 37th Mill Valley Film Festival

by Daniel Barnes

Like almost any large-scale film fest, the Mill Valley Film Festival is really comprised of several different festivals serving several different masters placed under one giant umbrella. Although the event is spread out over many cities and about a dozen venues, you could view the ultra-low-budget drama Uncertain Terms , the Robert Downey, Jr. vehicle The Judge (slated for a wide release on October 10), and the Israeli Oscar hopeful Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem on a single Monday afternoon without even switching movie theaters. Continue reading