The Language of Drums: Director Damien Chazelle and Metallica’s Lars Ulrich Discuss WHIPLASH

by Eat Drink Films

The successful commercial run of Whiplash  continues at the Clay Theatre in San Francisco and the Shattuck Cinemas in Berkeley. Director Damien Chazelle’s first feature made its Bay Area debut at the Mill Valley Film Festival earlier this fall as part of the fest’s Artist in Residence series, presented by Metallica’s Lars Ulrich, who introduced the movie and conducted a Q&A with Chazelle afterward. Continue reading

Win-Win: James Benning and Richard Linklater talk sculpting time in DOUBLE PLAY

by Max Goldberg

First a word for Cinéma, de notre temps , the longstanding series of filmmaker studies of which Gabe Klinger’s Double Play  is the latest. Launched as Cinéastes de notre temps  in 1964 by André Labarthe and Janine Bazin (André’s wife), the program presented critically engaged, in-depth interviews of film directors akin to The Paris Review ’s celebrated “Art of Fiction” feature. Unabashedly auteurist, the French series was dedicated to the notion that cinema is best understood by its singularities. Continue reading

Arc of Flight: Judy Irving on PELICAN DREAMS

by Ned Viall and Eat Drink Films

Cinematically speaking, the words birds  and Bay Area  once automatically conjured Hitchcock images of Tippi Hedren fighting off a flurry of claws and beaks. But in recent years, documentary filmmaker Judy Irving’s personal, journalistically persistent films have flipped the script of Hitch’s dystopian vision of people besieged by birds, presenting strikingly real (as opposed to surreal) images in the process of telling true stories abut the struggles and resilience of birds in the modern world—more specifically, San Francisco and its surrounding environment.
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