Revisiting Walter Kerr’s THE SILENT CLOWNS

by Lincoln Spector

This Saturday night, November 14, the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum will screen the remarkable Raymond Griffith vehicle and Civil War comedy, Hands Up! An almost-always dapper and unflappable gentleman, Griffith could get into the most bizarre situations and get out of them again with seeming ease. And if memory serves (I haven’t seen the film in decades), Hands Up! is a minor gem. Continue reading

High Points: The Buzz from the 38th Mill Valley Film Festival

by Pam Grady

What do Sir Ian McKellen and stop-motion puppets have in common? They are both high points in the 38th Mill Valley Film Festival. McKellen is being feted on Sunday, Oct. 11, with a special tribute that includes a clip reel and onstage conversation, and given McKellen’s career, encompassing film, theater, and television and running the gamut from Shakespeare to X-Men and the Lord of the Rings series, that ought to be a scintillating evening. Continue reading