Orson Welles’ World, and We’re Just Living in It: A Conversation with Norman Lloyd

by Ryan Lattanzio

Near-centenarian Norman Lloyd‘s career has spanned over eight decades in film, television and theater.  He has worked with the likes of Alfred Hitchcock—for whom he produced and directed episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents—Elia Kazan, Joseph Cotton, Jean Renoir, Charles Chaplin and, perhaps most notably of all, Orson Welles.  Continue reading

Orson Welles: M Is For Mystery

by Brian Darr

Orson Welles loved a good mystery. Some of his greatest films, from Citizen Kane  to Touch of Evil  to F For Fake , use conventions of that literary and film genre to draw his audience into their labyrinthine worlds. An intensely private man, he also frequently employed his incomparable skills as raconteur to obfuscate the truths about his own life, creating mysteries that each new biographer or reader must try to unravel if he or she wants to understand more about Welles than he intended to to reveal.  Continue reading