A Vegetarian’s Survival Guide to the San Francisco Silent Film Festival

by Lincoln Spector and (augmented and updated by) Gary Meyer

I love the San Francisco Silent Film Festival, but it can wear a body down. Especially this year, with 21 programs and a party over the course of four days and five nights. For three of those days, the first screening starts at 10:00 a.m., and the last one starts at 9:30 p.m. The human body isn’t built for that much fun sitting down. Continue reading

San Francisco Silent Film Festival: Not Just A Custard Pie: Dining Dos and Don’ts from The Surreal World Of Silent Film Comedy

by Paul F. Etcheverry

Can anyone question the value of humor in the early days of the seventh art?  In its 19th edition, the San Francisco Silent Film Festival (May 29–June 1) offers up belly laughs and bemusements amidst its diverse programming in the historic Castro Theatre.  The festival includes 17 wonderful silent-era features in preserved and restored prints, one program of extraordinary silent shorts and rarities, and the ever-popular “Amazing Tales From the Archives” program. 19 programs in all, and you won’t want to miss one!  Not to mention that all films are accompanied by live music! Here’s a rundown of some of silent cinema’s most comic, culinary moments. Continue reading

San Francisco Silent Film Festival: Filmmaker’s Pick–A Conversation with Craig Baldwin

by Brian Darr

If there’s a filmmaker who more exemplifies the cliché of “living and breathing cinema” than Craig Baldwin, it’s hard to imagine who it might be. The Oakland-born cineaste’s conspiratorial works like Tribulation 99  and Mock Up On Mu  are radically collaborative both with the image-makers of the past (infused as they are by clips from industrial films, science-fiction touchstones, and all manner of other reclaimed reels), and with current kindred filmmakers like Bill Daniel and Sylvia Schedelbauer, who have played large roles in their creation.  Continue reading