Vegan4One: On Tour with Miso-Tahini Tacos

by Amber Pollard

As a vegan, I think the question I get asked the most by non-vegans would have to be: “But isn’t it so hard?”  My immediate response is a firm and confident: “Absolutely not!”  Because guess what?  It’s not difficult to eat real food.  It’s actually much easier on your demeanor, your body, and your pocketbook.  Which brings me to the second most common question: “Yeah, but it’s like crazy expensive right?”  Well, yes and no.  Continue reading

The Secret Restaurant: Chocolate Miso Eggplant and Chicken

by Peter Moore

Admittedly, chocolate and eggplant isn’t a combination that jumps to mind when you are contemplating dinner. I got the idea for it when I was thinking about recipes for our chocolate issue a couple of weeks ago. I was browsing for ideas and came across a recipe for red miso and chocolate brownies. I ended up going with the chocolate and fennel pollen brownies instead, but the more I thought about the combination, the more I thought it might work as a savory dish. I’ve used miso paste on roasted eggplant and chicken before. What about adding some chocolate? Hmm….

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Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta, Grilled Baby Bok Choy with Miso Butter, and Roasted Broccolini: Excerpts from Brassicas

Excerpted from Brassicas: Cooking the World’s Healthiest Vegetables: Kale, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts and More by Laura B. Russell. Copyright © 2014 by Laura B. Russell. Reprinted by arrangement with Ten Speed Press. All rights reserved. Support your local bookstore, or buy the book through our affiliate link at 

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