High Points: The Buzz from the 38th Mill Valley Film Festival

by Pam Grady

What do Sir Ian McKellen and stop-motion puppets have in common? They are both high points in the 38th Mill Valley Film Festival. McKellen is being feted on Sunday, Oct. 11, with a special tribute that includes a clip reel and onstage conversation, and given McKellen’s career, encompassing film, theater, and television and running the gamut from Shakespeare to X-Men and the Lord of the Rings series, that ought to be a scintillating evening. Continue reading

From Stockholm to Timbuktu: A Psyched-to-See List for the 37th Mill Valley Film Festival

by Daniel Barnes

Like almost any large-scale film fest, the Mill Valley Film Festival is really comprised of several different festivals serving several different masters placed under one giant umbrella. Although the event is spread out over many cities and about a dozen venues, you could view the ultra-low-budget drama Uncertain Terms , the Robert Downey, Jr. vehicle The Judge (slated for a wide release on October 10), and the Israeli Oscar hopeful Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem on a single Monday afternoon without even switching movie theaters. Continue reading