A Baker’s Dozen: For the Love of Challah

by Dianne Boate

It was for love of a Jewish man that I came to a point of receiving 50 pounds of all-purpose flour at my doorstep, converting it in  one weekend  into delicious round loaves of Egg Twist Bread, challah, for the annual Art Fair in Beverly Glen Canyon, located in West Los Angeles, where I hoped to make a small fortune in two days.  What a cartoon feature it would make, with me shoveling the little white glass bowls filled with dough into an oven that had one rack inside and an oven door that had to be closed by a propped broom handle, the whole house steadily increasing its inventory of little round golden loaves, like the fairy tale porridge that multiplied and filled a small village.  Continue reading

Bialy Dues

by Gaetano Maida

Right up front, let me say that I’m not Jewish. I come by my  yiddhishkeit  sensibilities legitimately though: I was raised in the Bronx among a post war circle of fervent left-wing activists and artists, many of whom were Jewish or mixed in all manner of combinations.  Continue reading