The Making of IDA, Part One

by Pawel Pawlikowski

The other day someone from the Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Academy in LA asked my producer Ewa to send them the script of our film Ida so they could deposit it in their Core Library collection. Ewa rang me up worried: what exactly should she send them? She had 23 permutations of the script on her files. Surely she couldn’t send them the official script we raised the money on. It was nothing like the film that ended up on the screen. Maybe we could simply send a transcript of the finished film? But that would amount to no more than 30 pages—probably not much use to the Academy, either. Continue reading

Dining in Mumbai: A City of Small Miracles, Part I

For the next few weeks, EatDrinkFilms will be running a few gems from our earliest issues, which most of you may not have seen before. This article first appeared in May 2014.

The Lunchbox director Ritesh Batra writes a wonderful exclusive story for EatDrinkFilms. His observations with accompanying photos by Raj Rishi More offer insight, humor and stories about multi-generational restaurants in Mumbai.
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DIPLOMACY: A Secret Document

by Volker Schlöndorff

(with context by Gary Meyer)

With Diplomacy , director Volker Schlöndorff (The Tin Drum , The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum , Young Torless , Death of a Salesman ) has once again made a movie that pulls the viewer into a dramatic story based on history, making it relevant. The new film opens Friday, October 24 at the Opera Plaza Cinemas in San Francisco, Shattuck in Berkeley and Smith Rafael Film Center in San Rafael, with wider US release in the coming weeks. Continue reading