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In a matter of five days the Golden Globes gave some pretty strange awards, winners gave drunken speeches and the Academy announced the Oscar nominations with some overlap and surprises. The surprises were often in what was left out. We have asked filmmakers and other movie experts to offer their thoughts on what is missing. Continue reading

Baker’s Dozen: The Secret Cake of the Brown Derby

IMG_1362by Dianne Boate

You should always be ready for surprises. In researching the origin of one of my favorite cakes, chiffon, I discovered it was invented in 1927 by a caterer named Mr. Harry Baker, in the Los Angeles area.

Louella Parsons (left) dining at the Brown Derby.

Louella Parsons (left) dining at the Brown Derby.

He kept the recipe a secret for a long time and finally sold it to General Mills. But before that happened he had the brilliant idea to take a cake to The Brown Derby restaurant in Hollywood, where it became a popular item on the menu with movie stars – and Louella Parsons, one of the leading gossip columnists of the day. Whatever Louella wanted, Louella got, so her idea that grapefruit was nonfattening resulted in a grapefruit-flavored frosting for the popular cake. (Do we want to try that? Maybe…)

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Letter from the Editors

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The New Year is here and after a week’s break we are back with a lot to enjoy.

First we have breaking news about a very special appearance just announced for the February 12-13 screenings of Vertigo with the San Francisco Symphony’s live accompaniment.

Daniel Barnes and Darcey Self-Barnes share their unique His & Hers Beer Notes about Paris of the West from the Almanac Beer Company. Continue reading

Game of Scones

Game of Scones hc c

by Marilyn Freund

If there’s anyone on your holiday gift list who is a “Game of Thrones” geek, have I got a score for you!

Game of Scones: All Men Must Dine (by Jammy Lannister) is a small, hardback cookbook in which all the recipes are named for characters or events in George R.R. Martin’s epic work, A Song of Ice and Fire, better known by its HBO title, Game of Thrones. (via Indiebound or Amazon.) And so we have Tyrion’s Shortbread, Red (Velvet) Wedding Cake, and my favorite, Daenerys’ Dragon Eggs and Unsullied Soldiers (without nuts). Fans will get these jokes; the rest not so much. Continue reading