A Baker’s Dozen – Private Christmas Gift-Making Factory: Your Kitchen

by Dianne Boate

I used to buy chocolate in 10-pound bars from a company near the old produce market in San Francisco. The bookkeeper there made me a Christmas cake every year and it was terrible, but I loved it because she made it for me.

We will venture forth here with quality recipes easy to accomplish (Sugar Plums! Velma’s Mother’s Tennessee Refrigerator Rolls!), something a little different, something you can make yourself and be loved for doing it.

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by Dianne Boate

Six years ago, I watched apprehensively as eleven people took forks in hand to try their first bite of my new Pecan Pie.  Then, silence. Not one word. Color was coming and going on my face as they sat silently, chewing. My brain was bursting with all the arguments against making pie in the first place, and wishing fervently I could disappear on the spot. Continue reading