Excavating the Internet: Three Shorts & Three Directors Talk Shop

by Janne Barklis

It should be no accident that the term “internet” begins with the letter “I” as this first-person singular pronoun encapsulates the independence and the capacity for self-impelled action that the Internet has enabled users since its birth.  In simpler terms, the Internet offers singular voices around the world a direct link to potentially boundless sets of ears and eyes, the Web Hosting Hub of the world is the proverbial I.

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Editor’s Pick: Oddball Film + Video

by Michael Guillén

With San Francisco’s neighborhood theaters biting the dust like Amerindian buffalo, it’s gratifying to know there are still alternate screening venues like Oddball Film + Video, a stock footage company based in San Francisco whose main business is licensing unusual stock footage to producers of feature films, documentaries, commercials, broadcast television, music videos, as well as web and new media productions.   Continue reading

May 7: Lunch Love Community at the Brower Center

Lunch Love Community is an online documentary project offering shareable films, community engagement, and creative resources to inspire change in the way kids eat. This evening will include documentary shorts and lively discussion among filmmakers, educators, and food specialists about Berkeley’s role in food reform and food justice movements in area schools and neighborhoods.  Continue reading