Eat Like the Stars: Yul Brynner’s Potatoes Baked with Sour Cream

by Jenny Hammerton 

In The King and I , Yul Brynner plays the King of Siam. Accused of being a barbarian, he decides to stage an elaborate banquet in order to prove to visiting Brits that this is not so. He serves traditionally English food to charm the British ambassador, eaten Western-style with knives and forks. After the guests are gone, he pensively sits at the banqueting table with a rice bowl and chopsticks, eating alone.  Joined by Anna, played by the very British Deborah Kerr, he suddenly announces, “The fork is a foolhardy instrument, you pick up food, and it leaks!”  Continue reading

Eat Like the Stars: Vincent Price’s Blueberry Muffins

by Jenny Hammerton 

Who is your favorite film star from the golden era of Hollywood?  Bette Davis?  She was a fan of Boston Baked Beans.  Joan Crawford?  She hid hard-boiled eggs in her lovingly prepared meatloaf.  Greta Garbo?  She liked bananas mashed into her potatoes.  On the cook’s night off, many of tinsel-town’s greatest stars loved to don their aprons and get busy with the pots and pans.  In this monthly column, I’ll be sharing some of their favorite recipes, and linking them to a specific national food day so you can celebrate, superstar-style!

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