SF Jewish Film Festival Exudes a Sense of Responsibility

by Michael Fox

Sometimes a movie is just a movie, to appropriate the one-liner apocryphally attributed to Sigmund Freud. (“Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar” actually sounds to my ears more like something another Jewish intellectual, Groucho Marx, would have said. But I digress.) As far as the typical filmgoer is concerned, movies are stories, diversions, entertainment and, on rare and special occasions, art. But for a great swath of movies, even some produced by Hollywood studios (credo: “Profits first, last and always”), palpable moral consciousness is as central as the plot. To those of us who esteem cinema as a social good, those films are often the most exciting and profound.  Continue reading

Festival Guide: Queer Cinema Returns to the Bay Area with Frameline 38

by Tim Sika

Frameline proudly celebrates its 38th annual International LGBT Film Festival showcasing the very best of Queer Cinema beginning this Thursday, June 19th and running through Sunday, June 29th, in what remains not only a Bay Area institution and premiere international treasure trove of LBGT films and film events, but the world’s largest LGBT film exhibition on the planet.

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