May 3, 2014 – March 24, 2015 #98 That’s a wrap. Dear Friends, There’s an art to writing well – about food, film, or anything else that sparks a person’s passion. For Jonathan Gold, it’s the cafes, restaurants and food trucks, the sights, sounds and people of Los Angeles that inspire. The only food critic to win a Pulitzer Prize, the […]

Bialy Dues

by Gaetano Maida Right up front, let me say that I’m not Jewish. I come by my  yiddhishkeit  sensibilities legitimately though: I was raised in the Bronx among a post war circle of fervent left-wing activists and artists, many of whom were Jewish or mixed in all manner of combinations. 

The Old Bait ‘n’ Switch: ALL IN THIS TEA

by Gaetano Kazuo Maida I’d known the late Les Blank pretty much since I moved to Berkeley over 20 years ago.  We’d cross paths at those intersections of food, music and film for which he is justifiably famous for documenting.  He had a keen eye for odd characters and a taste for interesting food and […]