By Gary Meyer “We presented your picture entitled The Rink, featuring Charles Chaplin last night. Persistent laughter and shouting on the part of the audience brought down most of the house… We have been showing pictures many years without loss of life or damage to property. The Rink has proved a menace to real estate […]

Delicious Vintage Cocktails Named in Honor of Movie Stars

by Meredith Brody I adore the now-not-so-recent revival in exquisite cocktails.  My heart leaps when I pick up an exciting cocktail menu, often divided into two lists: classic cocktails, and innovative ones created by the resident mixologist.  I’m especially heartened by the use of fresh fruit and vegetables, whether juiced or muddled, and fragrant herbs […]

Seven Films I’ve Seen at SFFILM

By Meredith Brody Thanks to the exhaustive and exhausting Toronto International Film Festival and the equally intense Berlin Film Festival, as well as the more tightly curated Telluride Film Festival, I can happily recommend seven films that are playing in this year’s San Francisco International Film Festival (SFFILM), April 10-23 in San Francisco, Berkeley and […]