By Meredith Brody (November 5, 2022) San Francisco is lucky to have Donald Malcolm’s French Noir Series, “The French Had a Name for It” at the Roxie. The upcoming festival programs 15 films over four days at the Little Roxie, and once again I will be there for all of it.  It unspools on Sunday […]

Go to the Mill Valley Film Festival!

The First Weekend Was Great! And there was plenty to see. By Meredith Brody (Updated with Awards October 22, 2022 below.) The takeaway from the first four days of MVFF45 was YOU CAN GET IN, EVEN TO FILMS AT RUSH! And many of the movies I’ve seen will soon be in cinemas near you.

Loudly Anticipating the San Francisco Silent Film Festival

Part One: Not Feeling Festive By Meredith Brody May 3, 2022 The pandemic disrupted virtually (pun unintended, but hiya, Dr. Freud!) every aspect of my life, but none more thoroughly or dismayingly than the one that contributed most of its bliss, excitement, and travel (not to mention remuneration, once I’d written about them): attending film […]