by Gary Meyer We got so many terrific responses to our inquires about scariest experiences both with art and real life that we decided to break them onto two pieces so readers will not be overwhelmed in one sitting. Meet the daughters of horror masters Boris Karloff, Vincent Price and William Castle and Lon Chaney […]


By Gary Meyer This year the 44th Mill Valley Film Festival has created a true hybrid with a full schedule of movies showing at the Rafael in San Rafael, Sequoia in Mill Valley and BAMPFA in Berkeley through Sunday, October 17. 40 of the programs will be streaming in your home via several platforms.

Let’s All Go To The Movies! Again!

By Gary Meyer For over a year few of us could go to a theater and enjoy movies the way they were meant to be seen. Audiences are slowly feeling comfortable returning as theaters have made a host of improvements to protect us and to my knowledge no new cases of Covid have been tracked […]

DIANA KENNEDY–A Movie and Recipes

by Gary Meyer At 94, Diana Kennedy has a youthful spirit and energy.  She lives on her own, completely off-the-grid in a solar-powered house that she designed in the mountains of Michoacán. She has shared a few favorite recipes with EatDrinkFilms readers. Elizabeth Carroll’s feature documentary Nothing Fancy: Diana Kennedy is showing at the Legacy […]

Memorable and Best Forgotten Thanksgivings

Compiled by Gary Meyer The Internet can be a dangerous place to find the good, the bad and the ugly. Thanksgiving as a search subject is especially rewarding.  We present a sampling, mostly from the past. We found vintage greeting cards, Hollywood stars, ads for disgusting sounding foods, awkward family photos and all around nostalgia.