Dear Friends, Welcome to a new project I have been thinking about for awhile. I tested the ideas on many people, explaining my idea of combining three things most people I know enjoy—the name reflects that passion. EatDrinkFilms This online magazine will be published weekly and curated with two or three original stories in each […]

EatDrinkFilms #98 – It’s a wrap.

Dear Friends, There’s an art to writing well – about food, film, or anything else that sparks a person’s passion. For Jonathan Gold, it’s the cafes, restaurants and food trucks, the sights, sounds and people of Los Angeles that inspire. The only food critic to win a Pulitzer Prize, the popular writer serves as the […]

Mayan Sushi, Czar of Noir on Gangster Depp, 2 Offal & 2 Pasta Recipes, Shaken & Stirred Cocktails, Eat Real All Weekend

Welcome to issue 73 of EatDrinkFilms. This week’s issue brings a variety of responses to the vitality of Anthony Lucero’s Oakland-set movie East Side Sushi. In one of two installments of “Critics Corner” this week, Tien-Tien L. Jong foregrounds the film’s layered approach to tradition and its dedication to a woman’s story, of self-determination, while […]

Letter from the Publisher

Dear Readers, During the past year I researched creating a cinema site for the San Francisco Bay Area, offering film reviews, feature articles, interviews and complete movie listings that would include the very special one-night screenings, filmmaker appearances and other unique cinematic events that are not usually found at online “showtime” sites. Those I asked loved […]