Critics Corner: Great Animation for the World

The International Tournée of Animation started a trend in the mid 1960s. It collected adventurous animated shorts into a feature-length collection that screened at museums and colleges. By the late 1970s cinemas were added and soon packages appeared including Animation Celebration, Mike & Spike’s various touring shows, Outrageous Animation and others. Audiences and the film industry […]

Critics Corner: National Lampoon.

Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of the National Lampoon is a new documentary about the outrageous humor magazine The National Lampoon. We asked M.K. Brown, the brilliant cartoonist who contributed many works to the magazine from the very beginning to write about the film and her experiences. Paul Krassner set the stage for anything-goes […]


by Robert Bloomberg Shaun the Sheep Movie says more in its 88 minutes than most films do in two hours, and does it without uttering a word. In a nod to classic silent films, the movie contains no dialog, but rather relies on wit, visual humor, grunts, groans, music and masterful stop-motion animation to tell its […]